Monday, June 29, 2009

Run Melbourne Half Marathon

I made a last minute decision to do the Run Melbourne Half Marathon, when my alarm went off at 5.30am I did wonder why. I got to the start of the course with plenty of time and actually managed to get a car park close to the start/finish line. I dropped my bag off and bumped into a woman who I ran King Island with. She mentioned that she had just got back from running a marathon in Phuket, she was going to run the Half Marathon that morning and then next weekend she is heading to Gold Coast Marathon and people think I am crazy running two marathons in 4 months!

I think it showed me that its all about benchmarking. When I first started running I believed that I was only capable of running for about 20 minutes. Then when I moved to Mississippi and did my first every 5km fun run and placed second in my age class I realised that maybe I could run more than 20 minutes. I used to do 5km races almost every weekend in Mississippi, and then I started looking for a new challenge - I trained up really hard and I did my first every 10km run I couldn't believe I could run that far. I stayed at that level for a year or so still only limited by own beliefs. Then I moved to Sweden and was encouraged to run the GoteborgsVarvet a Half Marathon, it was weird because now the 10km run was my training run! It took me three years after that before I attempted my first Marathon in 2005.

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