Wednesday, August 15, 2012

3 weeks between marathons!

I am a little bit behind in reporting my marathon efforts - almost two years behind and 5 marathons later I am still at it. I felt great after the Sydney marathon, no injuries and a good recovery. I decided that it wanted to run the Melbourne HALF marathon a mere 3 weeks after completing the Sydney marathon. Unfortunately by the time I had finally decided to enter the HALF marathon that distance was fully booked. The only places available were for the full marathon, so I signed up, well it seemed like a good idea at the time! This would be my third time running the Melbourne Marathon and my 8th marathon so I had a fair idea about what I was in for. Surpisingly enough the time passed very quickly after my Sydney marathon and I was once again lined up for a marathon. This time I wasn't running with a running buddy, just me and over 5000 other crazy runners! I decided to just keep an even pace with the aim of completing the event in under 4 hours. As always running a marathon took some basic physical ability and lots of mental toughness. I was thrilled to enter the MCG and run around the oval to complete the marathon in 3hours and 56minutes - a full minute faster than my marathon 3 weeks earlier I found some race stats below that might put my efforts in perspective, not the fastest female but definitely above average :) Melbourne Marathon - Results Melbourne, Australia October 10, 2010 Finishers: 5053, Males - 3670 , Females - 1383 Male Winner: 2:11:02 | Female Winner: 2:32:18 Average Finish Time: 4:01:02

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