Sunday, February 15, 2009

Changing Some Day to NOW!

Yesterday I did my 25km run again and although this time I started running with 3 other friends they were all too speedy for me and once again I ended up running for 2hr by myself, more thinking time. The events of the past week, the Victorian bushfires, the extreme devastation of those people living in the small towns is beyond comprehension. It does however put things into perspective, particularly the importance of family and friends. I think it is also a reminder to us all that 'some day' doesn't always come around and to make sure that 'some day' becomes now. So right now I am in the process of changing 'one day I want to raise funds and awareness for cardiovascular research' into 'This Year I will run two marathons in two deserts to raise funds for cardiovascular research in Indigenous Australians!'

Training run: Time 2h32min, Distance 25.32km, Location Middle Brighton Baths to Beaumaris and back, Temp 24C.
Gmap of run course:

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