Sunday, February 22, 2009

Beautiful beach trails

The plan for this weekends run was for a 2 hour run. This time I started with two running buddies and managed to keep up with them for 1.5 hour. This meant I only had to run by myself for the last 30 minutes - although the last 30 minutes is also the hardest bit to run by yourself when you are feeling tired and just want the running to finish! As usual to distract myself I started thinking about stuff, one thing that surfaced was that how fortunate I was to have this fantastic beach trail to run along that was clean and relatively unpopulated. In comparison when I was India last year there was nowhere that I could run freely outside. There was no free space, the footpaths were crowded with people, dogs, goats, cows and the roads were very busy with cars, trucks, buses, bicycles, motorbikes and duk duks. They definitely didn't have any lovely beach trails to run on - there really isn't any available land and if there was people tend to build a home on any free space, hence all my running was done inside on the treadmill! So I guess what I took out of this was that infrastructure - footpaths, good lighting, bike paths, sports facilities play a really important role in people being able to be active and so people in disadvantage communities - like in rural Australia really do have a difficult time trying to stay active. Go out and take that beach walk or run along the river or bike in the hills and be really grateful that we have all of these fantastic facilities for us to use!

Training run: Time 2h07min, Distance 21.4km, Location Middle Brighton Baths to Ricketts Point and back, Temp 22C.
Gmap of run course:

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