Sunday, March 1, 2009

Just do it

This weekend was the last 'long run' before my race in King Island. This meant I only had to run for 10km or about an hour - after all the running I have been doing it really wasn't much to do but I really struggled with the motivation to get out there and run. It took me an hour before I managed to convince myself that I really needed to get out of my apartment and go for a run. Probably the biggest motivator that finally pushed me out the door was the fact that I would regret more NOT running than I would regret going for that run!. And you know it wasn't until I started running that I actually was happy that I did. It reinforced to me that sometimes we all just need to push ourselves to get out there and do something and 99% of the time you will be glad you did!

My other activity for the weekend was the Open Day at Cruden Farm (Dame Elisabeth Murdochs stunning home and gardens in Langwarrin) which was a fundraising effort for my work the Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute. I volunteered for the afternoon and spoke to people about the steps we all should take to stay heart healthy. One particular woman said to me that she wanted to be more active but was too busy at work. My immediate reply was that her health should be the number one priority and good health would make her a better employee. Even busy at work we can all do at least one thing good for our health - maybe parking further away and walking an extra 10 minutes, going for a 10 minute walk at lunchtime, taking the stairs and not the lift, going to see that colleague and ask a question instead of calling or emailing!

Training run: Time 1h04min, Distance 12km, Location Mentone Beach to Mordialloc Pier and back (plus a bit extra), Temp 22C.
Gmap of run course:

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