Monday, September 21, 2009

12 weeks until Antarctica Marathon!!!!!

I think I have now only just started to forget the pain and heat of Alice Springs and now it's time to start all over again with marathon training for Antarctica!! I thought some of you might be interested to see what my marathon training consisted of so here it is! The green line is the days I do my 5km race Albert Park Lake with the Gunn Runners. The blue bar is the day I do my speed training session with my Running Coach. I have already completed Day 1 - which consisted of - no running, quite easy actually. I must admit though I still like to keep active so instead of running this morning I did a 60 minute bike ride along Beach Road - it is really lovely to get out there first thing in the morning and this morning a fellow cyclist even waved at me!

The other exciting news of today was the publication of an article in the Snowgum Members Mag - Summer 09 Issue. Just in case some of you aren't members - and why not! here is the article in question, thanks to Shahan at Science of Copy for the great words and Photographer extraordinaire Wee-Ming for his great photos! Let's hope this interests a lot of people and my message goes wide and far - and some more fundraising opportunities would be great too!
Oh and my other news for the day is that I have set a date for a Fundraising Shopping Tour - it will be Saturday 7th November a perfect time to organise your Christmas Gifts!!! The price for a seat will be purely dependent on the numbers - that is, the more people that come the cheaper it gets! So for 24 people price is $43 and if we managed to get 49 people the cost would go down to $16 - cool! I will need to pay the whole fee by the 20th of October so drop me a line if you are keen. More details to follow later but the company we are going through is Jackies Shopping Tours.

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  1. wow that's so soon! What an incredible (exciting/scary) thing to be looking forward to!