Friday, September 25, 2009

Running Mojo is Back!

In my first week of official marathon training I have actually really enjoyed my running, in fact I think I have rediscovered my running mojo. I even felt good doing my running training with my coach on Thursday night despite the fact that it included four runs up Anderson Street - with gentle recovery runs down.

Another fun thing that happened this week was that my photographer extraordinaire, Wee-Ming sent me some fantastic photos from the 'Fire and Ice Soiree' which are now posted on the A2A Facebook site. But I thought I would put up at least one here, it shows the team of fantastic people who helped me put the event together - they even look happy about it. Big thanks to my major sponsor People Teams Leaders who allowed Ric to travel from Sydney to MC the event - he was instrumental in the smooth running and success of the event.

All right another big event this week was the fact that my story was published in 'That's Life'. And just in case the demand for this weeks issue has led to all the copies being sold here is a version for my readers to see. You know the readership of That's Life is over 1.1 million people, a good effort. Photo credits go to Wee-Ming Boon and Warren Tharle - thanks guys.
I have also now obtained medical insurance for Antarctica from one of the few companies that can actually insure you in Antarctica!!!! So now I will be covered in case of a medical emergency. I also got clearance from my GP who was very impressed with my blood pressure and heart rate - long distance running is great for keeping blood pressure and heart rate low!!

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