Monday, July 6, 2009

Life lessons from Dr Seuss

The plan for Saturday morning run was to meet up with some running buddies to do an hour run that finished at the start point. Then we would meet some more running buddies to do another 2 hour run - so a 30km run plan. We did the first hour pretty comfortably and it was really nice to get back to the start and have a little break. I ate a GU - lemon sublime flavour - not bad, drank some water did a couple of little stretches and then we started again for the last two hours!

It took a few minutes to get back into the rhythm of running after the stop but we eventually settled into a comfortable running pace. We broke up into smaller groups and I ended up running with my running buddy from last years Melbourne Marathon. He would be the first to say that we ran the first half of the Melbourne Marathon together - until the turn around point and then I left him in my dust! But this time we kept it together and it was great to have someone to run with. I talked about my presentation during the week - to the Lions Club of Lorne and mentioned how much positive feedback I got from the audience, how they were inspired by plans to run two desert marathons. My running buddy mentioned that when he used to give presentations he would finish the talk with a quote from Dr Seuss. It was something that I would never have considered - life lessons from Dr Seuss but this particular book called 'Oh the Places You'll Go' really simplifies the lessons of life - one that I am often guilty of not listening to - and that is - life is the journey - not the destination! More importantly in life's journey there will be ups and downs but we need to keep on going and keep soldiering on in life. You know I think Dr Seuss was one clever man - his stories apply to running and life!

Just as my friend got the end the Dr Seuss story he reached his turn around point (45min) and I then had the next 15 min to run by myself till I reached my turn around point and caught up with another running buddy. Unfortunately he was too quick for me so I spend the next 60 minutes running back thinking about Dr Seuss, 'Today is your day. You're off to great places! You're off and away!'

Route: Brighton Beach Baths out 30 minutes and then return, followed by Brighton Beach Baths to Rickets Point and back. Time: 3hour 4minute; Weather overcast 13C; Distance 32km

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