Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lorne Independent Times

The Secretary of the Lions Club of Lorne was kind enough to send me a copy of the Lorne Independent which had an article about the Lions Club of Lorne End of Year Dinner that I attended. The article described the important donations the Lions Club of Lorne had made to the local community and to my event, as described below.

"Guest Speaker was Sharyn Fitzgerald a scientist and sportswoman. As a scientist, she is keenly interested in supporting, and raising funds for, research into cardiovascular disease in indigenous communities around Alice Springs. As a sportswoman she is into endurance events, wanting to become4 the first Australian woman to complete the two desert marathons - Alice Springs in August and Antarctica in December. to date only 50 people, 6 of who were women, from around the world have attempted this challenge. Sharyn gave a fascinating presentation on both fields of interest - the audience was spellbound, and the Club presented her with a cheque for $500 "

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