Wednesday, July 29, 2009

People Teams Leaders are a sponsor!

I am very pleased and excited to report that People Teams Leaders have come on board and are now a Major Sponsor of the Alice 2 Antarctica event. I have known the founder of this company Ric Leahy, for over two years and he is one of the most positive, interesting, engaging, enthusiastic and supportive people I know.

In his professional capacity I would highly recommend his ability to motivate the individual and to outline the steps necessary for success. I was invited to one of his coaching sessions and was encouraged to think about my role in the workplace and how I could use my skills and experience to develop better working relationships.

Actually I have to admit that Ric was the original inspiration for the Alice 2 Antarctica event. In 2008 Ric undertook a massive goal to run 8 marathons across Australian (6 states and 2 territories) in one calendar year - 8 in '08! In Ric's unassuming style he pronounced his plan and then proceeded step by step to do exactly that. Ric provided such a terrific example of setting a goal and then 'just doing it' that I was inspired to undertake my own dream of running a marathon in Antarctica but taking it a step further - to use the event to raise awareness and funds for cardiovascular disease research in Indigenous Australians.

Ric was actually the first person I shared my Alice 2 Antarctica plan with well over a year ago, he was stunned speechless but was and continues to be fantastically supportive of my efforts so it is a greater thrill for me that his company have offered to provide some financial support for this event.

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