Tuesday, October 6, 2009

70km in one week!

Last week was a big week of running for me, completing just under 70 kms for the week - I was kind of tired by sunday night!

Having survived the extended running a nice reward was to pick up my Anaconda gear from the guys in Carnegie. The gear was everything I needed to keep me warm in Antarctic and also a Garmin 405 GPS watch - what does that mean? Well its a watch that as well as recording how long I run for it also registers my heart rate and using GPS can work out the distance I have run, giving me my running pace. I can't wait to use my new toy this coming weekend at the Melbourne Half Marathon :) - I hope it makes me run faster!

On wednesday I also did a radio interview with ABC Perth Afternoons with Bernadette Young, she said I was 'crazy' in the nicest possible way of course! But it was nice to have a chat with her. Tomorrow I will talking on ABC Darwin Breakfast and Monday afternoon ABC South Australia - so I will have done a radio interview in 4 of 7 states - pretty cool huh!

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  1. wow you are a multimedia megastar, have to aim for coverage of those other states though! How did you go on Sunday?