Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kickboxing Kangaroos

On the weekend I went to visit my sister and her kids so I traded in my regular beach run for a run through the Adelaide Hills. On the Saturday morning my sister and I walked the track to give me an idea of where I could run the following day. It was a lovely walk - time for the two of us to chat without any distractions - except nature. I also got the chance to test out my fantastic new TrailRunning Shoes - Merrell Siren Sport Gortex donated by Yodgee in Prahran. They worked a treat and kept my feet toasty warm, and didn't cause any blisters.

At one point during our walk we looked ahead to see a bunch of kangaroos grazing by the side of the track. On closer inspection we realised that two juvenile kangaroos (who were both taller than my sister and I) were actually putting on a fighting display for us - 'kickboxing Kangaroos'. It was really impressive to see these two kangaroos just leaning back on their strong tails and kicking out with their legs!

My long run on Sunday consisted of a run around the 'Wine Shanty Track'. Just me and the bush, and a mother koala and her baby and lots of kangaroos. It was quite hilly but I managed to stay running the whole time, although admittedly the steep upward inclines were more like a crawl than a run. At one section I was actually racing with a Kangaroo along the track, okay he was a bit faster than me but slowed up every 50m or so to let me catch up and then continued to speed away! It was especially cool to see the kangaroo negotiate the hairpin bend on the hop :).

My plan was to run for two hours or about 20km I finished a bit quicker than that so I probably only ran 19km. You might ask 'didn't my Garmin tell me the distance?' Well it would have if I remembered to pack it - Doh!

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