Saturday, August 22, 2009

Anaconda is the A2A Gear Sponsor

It is with great delight that I can announce that Anaconda have agreed to provide gear for the Antarctic portion of the Alice 2 Antarctica challenge. This is a fantastic opportunity and will play a major role in enabling me to survive warm and dry in the extreme weather conditions in Antarctica. Even though I will be undertaking the Antarctic leg in summer the temperatures can range from -10C to -40C, and the strong winds in the region can add to the extreme conditions.

In addition, Patriot Hills the location of the Antarctic Marathon is a summer camp, with no permanent structures. This means that I will be sleeping in a tent for the duration of my stay so a highly-rated sleeping bag will be a necessity for keeping warm.

Anaconda have also generously donated a mountain bike, the Fluid Ricochet Mountain Bike for the Fire and Ice Soiree, the major fundraising event for the Alice 2 Antarctica Challenge. It's a great looking bike - not sure how it handles on the ice and snow though!

Once again I want to recognise the generous support of Anaconda for the Alice 2 Antarctica challenge, it certainly will play a big role in the successful completion of the challenge. Thanks Anaconda!

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