Saturday, August 15, 2009

Living Next Door to Alice

After a very early morning start I arrived in Alice Springs on Thursday morning. I had a liesurely tour of the Alice Springs airport - which didn't take long and then I sat down to wait for my coolrunning buddies to arrive. In total there are 5 of us staying in a cabin all eager to run across the Alice Springs outback - well that is until we discovered the forecast temperature - 30C. Hmm we will all need to work on our hydration levels and drink plenty of water!

While waiting for the team to arrive I got a call from the Baker IDI Centre for Indigenous Vascular and Diabetes Research. The unit had arranged for me to come and visit and talk about the Alice 2 Antarctica event, my own research in stroke prevention and of course there would be opportunity to talk about the fantastic research the unit is doing in the area of Indigenous cardiovascular disease research.

The team finally arrived and it was great to meet up with the rest of the coolrunning team, Peekie, Baz, Davo, and Courtly. We made our way to the caravan park which thankfully has a lovely swimming pool. I then headed off to the Centre in downtown
 Alice. It was great to meet up with the people working at the Centre for Indigenous Vascular and Diabetes Research. And to see how the money I am raising will help this fantastic research team do their critically important research.

After my talk I caught up with my coolrunning team and walked up to the top of ANZAC hill and admired the panaroma of the Alice Springs Township. We then bought up supplies for a big vegetable stir fry - cooked by Peekie and it was delicious.

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